Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Holiday Sex

Your man tells you he and the boys are taking a little trip together.  They are probably going to play golf, jet ski and take in the sights.  Innocent enough right? After all you and your girls love your long weekend getaways together.  Good food, music, and the company of your sister friends makes for some wonderful memories.  Now all of a sudden he is pressed to get his U.S. passport. Well before he packs that suitcase and heads for that tropical paradise; where is he really going? Chances are the main objective for some of his boys is to get their dicks wet.  Will your man succumb to peer pressure?  Sex tourism is real.  It probably existed since Columbus sailed the seven seas.

Men with disposable income travel to exotic locals to have sex with beautiful women every single day.  There are countries that cater to their erotic desires.  The women are skilled and can make your man feel like he is Idris Elba sitting on a stack of money.   Prostitution can be found on every corner of the Earth but there is something about a city or country that condones it, that makes it enticing and so inviting for some. Here are a few places where a man is welcomed with open arms to come there and fuck until his hear is content.


When I think of sex tourism, Brazil is the first place that comes to mind. Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Rio like my beloved Trinidad loves to party so these Olympic Games are guaranteed to be like no other. People will flock to the South American jewel to witness athletic history, but believe me  there will be a lot of serious screwing going on.   It is no secret that for years Brazil has been a destination for men wanting to sample the beautiful women there that will cater to their sexual desires.  Adult prostitution is legal in Brazil, but not pimpin'. The government actually has a website devoted to prostitution as a career and even goes so far as to describe the courses that are required, for example, safe sex, beauty, and budget planning.


The secret service's recent sex scandal involving local  prostitutes had everyone talking about the Colombian "escort" industry. What did we learn?  If you are sent to Cartagena to protect the President don't think you can get away with haggling an escort the next morning for services rendered. Colombia was notorious for that white powder they exported but the sex industry is flourishing there.  Adult prostitution is legal in designated zones but facilitating sex tourism is illegal.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for it's unrivaled ecotourism.  Thousands upon thousands travel there to enjoy the natural riches of this country nestled within Central America.  But it isn't just the beautiful landscape that draws people in; cities like the capital San Jose or the coastal city Jaco, are accustomed to men travelling there for uninhibited sexual escapades.  Adult prostitution is legal in Costa Rica and the sex workers are required to register and get routine medical exams.  But that in no way eliminates the risk of catching a STD. You will always have those workers that don't register at all.

Dominican Republic

An article in the February 2010 issue of  Essence Magazine titled "Fool's Paradise" exposed the sex industry in the Dominican Republic. It went into detail about  the sex excursions taken by some black men fulfilling t of their marital status. I lived for several years in the US Virgin Islands which has a large Dominican population.  Girls were constantly imported in to work at the local strip clubs and presumably as prostitutes.  Many of the men there traveled to D.R. for the weekend to get a taste of the local women and then come back home to their wives and girlfriends.  A man's U.S. dollars can go a long way with a sex worker in D.R.  Some say the Dominican Republic has replaced Brazil when it comes to the sex trade in Latin America.  For the man on a budget this is the perfect place. Prostitution is legal but brothels are not. Word on the street is that the government does not enforce any of the prostitution laws.


Thailand  is often called the Sex Tourism capital of the World. Bangkok, Thailand's Red Light District is infamous.  A man can find any kind of sex he wants regardless of the perversion.   Although prostitution is illegal, the government does not seem to enforce the law.  Women and men practice prostitution openly.  Sex is a billion dollar industry that gives a great boost to the economy of Thailand.

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