Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just Say No To Wife Beaters

Black men are the most beautiful men in the world to me. Nothing rivals a brother's swagger. Now I am speaking about grown men, not  teenagers or twenty something year olds with Similac still on their breath.  A mature well groomed black man in age appropriate attire is a vision of loveliness.   He does not have to be Idris Elba or Shemar Moore fine to turn my head.

The summer is behind us, but I live in Florida where there are really no seasons. So fortunately the men are able to flaunt their physiques all year round. I love to see a man in well fitted clothing that compliments his body. With that said, there really are some fashion don'ts I would like to see men put an end to.

Wife Beaters

Watching your man walk around the house in a white undershirt and boxers can be a turn on.  But there is something about him throwing on a pair of jeans or shorts and walking out the door in just a white undershirt that seems a bit off. Unless a man has a body like Tyson Beckford and is off to film an underwear ad; it just doesn't work.

Sandals with socks 

I love sandals on men.  Sandals with shorts or casual pants are very sexy.  But, unless you are an AARP card carrying member you shouldn't step off the back porch wearing sandals with socks.

Short Shorts

Grown men can wear shorts.  The question is how short should it be.  Hot pants are not a good look. Unless I am at the beach or at Trinidad Carnival, I prefer to see less leg. According to a man's shorts should hit 2 to 3 inches above the knee. says between 2" and 1"above and 1" below the kneecap.  That seems about right.

Appropriate for TnT Carnival 2011
J Crew Chinos

Capri Pants

Capri pants are mid-calf pants.  I really dislike capri pants on straight men as much as I hate perfectly trimmed eyebrows.  It screams femininity.

Full Athletic Gear

Wearing a basketball jersey and shorts are cool if you are going to shoot hoops or run to the corner store.  Wearing a complete LA Laker or Knickerbocker outfit on a date seems juvenile even if you are just going to Red Lobster.  When the sun sets the basketball jersey and matching shorts need to be put away.

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