Sunday, February 28, 2016


I am all for boycotts to a make a stand against a social, economic, or political injustice.  The boycotts and sit-ins of the Civil Rights Movement are perfect examples of making significant change by agitating the powers that be.  Those actions were for life or death issues.  Boycotting the Oscars is not. 

1.  Chris Rock is hosting.  He was hired way before Mrs. Pinkett-Smith decided her husband was shaded by not receiving a nomination for the concussion film.  I will not pass up a chance to see the brilliant and prophetic Chris Rock on stage.

2. Hollywood.   The movie industry is the problem for the lack of diversity in Hollywood not the Oscars,  You can't blame the child for failing if the teachers did not provide him with the knowledge required. Those who feel Hollywood has left them out have to make there own way.  People of East Indian descent did not wait for white Hollywood to capture them in film.  They created their beloved Bollywood.  The Nigerians have done the same with Nollywood. Check out and you will find a plethora of African movies. You have to make your own way in this world and not wait for others to validate your existence.

3.  Will Smith.  His not being nominated and a loving wife is what escalated the boycott.  I didn't see Concussion so it would be unfair for me to critique his performance.   I have seen several of his other movies and he is undeniably a charming and likable actor who makes a fine action hero; but Oscar-worthy performance has never popped in my head when watching his movies.  To be honest, until the not yet released Suicide Squad, I haven't had much interest in his film choices lately.   So like the original Aunt Viv his absence is not going to make me miss the Oscars.

I will probably tune in and after all my beloved Walking Dead is on tonight. If you are looking for some diversity that is the way to go. 


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