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The Ultimate Love: Barack and Michelle

The election of the first Black American president still resonates with me.  The nostalgia has not worn off even two years after Barack Obama's immensely historical inauguration. I still pinch myself when I think damn my President is Black.  What gets me even more emotional is that woman by his side.  The baddest and most amazing FLOTUS this world has seen, Mrs Michelle Obama.  If a man is as strong as the woman at his side, President Obama can move mountains.  What a dynamic regal couple the two of them make.  I love the photo of them in the early days, Michelle holding on tightly to her man, their future unknown but bright nonetheless.

They are the sexiest couple that has lived within the walls of the White House.  I am not trying to be disrespectful but I know that if the walls of the Presidential bedroom could talk it would speak of unbridled passion.  What woman would not want their man to gaze lovingly at them the way Barack vibes on Michelle.  I love to watch him as he admir…

Travelin' Girl (live music video)


Ride Or Die Sisters

Recently TI and his beloved wife, Tiny were in the news because she decided to relieve him of some penal (or penile, however you look at it) stress, by giving him a hand job in the visiting area of the prison that TI currently calls home.  There are probably some people  that totally disapprove of  such a public display of affection, but under the circumstances she was meeting her husband's needs.  How can you be angry at that? With all the statistics out there that have practically doomed the Black relationship, it warms my heart to see a sister doing what she has to just to comfort her man.  Black women can please their men.  No one loves a man as hard and as intensely as we do.  We are ride or die chicks.  When we find a brother we want to be with and he returns the love, there is nothing we wouldn't do for him, within reason of course.  Here are my top five ride or die sisters. These women exemplify what it means to stand by your man at all costs. Anyone who says Black wom…