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Holiday Sex

Your man tells you he and the boys are taking a little trip together.  They are probably going to play golf, jet ski and take in the sights.  Innocent enough right? After all you and your girls love your long weekend getaways together.  Good food, music, and the company of your sister friends makes for some wonderful memories.  Now all of a sudden he is pressed to get his U.S. passport. Well before he packs that suitcase and heads for that tropical paradise; where is he really going? Chances are the main objective for some of his boys is to get their dicks wet.  Will your man succumb to peer pressure?  Sex tourism is real.  It probably existed since Columbus sailed the seven seas.

Men with disposable income travel to exotic locals to have sex with beautiful women every single day.  There are countries that cater to their erotic desires.  The women are skilled and can make your man feel like he is Idris Elba sitting on a stack of money.   Prostitution can be found on every corner of t…

Celibacy Blues

Webster's Dictionary defines celibacy as the abstention from sexual intercourse and the state of not being married.  I grew up in the Catholic church so I always associated celibacy with the vow a priest or a nun takes. We all know that some priests have not been able to make that work. I would bet money that the nuns haven't all been successful either, they are just more discrete.  My understanding is, if one is celibate they not only give up the pleasures of the flesh but they abstain from all sexual activitiy and thoughts as well.  That theory means if you stopped fucking but you still masturbate, you are not celibate. Or if you only watch porn but you don't engage in vaginal penetration you are still not celibate.

Abstaining from sexual intercourse is a huge task to take on. In a society where sexual images and potential partners are ubiquitous; it takes a determination of steel to completely give up fucking. I had no idea who Devon Franklin was prior to viewing his i…

Response to Just Say No to Wife Beaters

In response to "Just Say No to Wife Beaters" (see previous post) I have been informed by the male gender that there are some things they would prefer women not to wear. I in no way want to be bias, so here are their words...

Two Tone Weaves

Multicolored weaves. One color at a time...
They look like they belong on a bird.

Ugg Boots

Especially in the summertime....

Long False Eyelashes

It looks like your eyes are about to fall off.

Too Many Accessories

Just too much going on.

Tight Spandex

Tight spandex is a problem when all the lumps and bumps are showing.

Just Say No To Wife Beaters

Black men are the most beautiful men in the world to me. Nothing rivals a brother's swagger. Now I am speaking about grown men, not  teenagers or twenty something year olds with Similac still on their breath.  A mature well groomed black man in age appropriate attire is a vision of loveliness.   He does not have to be Idris Elba or Shemar Moore fine to turn my head.

The summer is behind us, but I live in Florida where there are really no seasons. So fortunately the men are able to flaunt their physiques all year round. I love to see a man in well fitted clothing that compliments his body. With that said, there really are some fashion don'ts I would like to see men put an end to.

Wife Beaters

Watching your man walk around the house in a white undershirt and boxers can be a turn on.  But there is something about him throwing on a pair of jeans or shorts and walking out the door in just a white undershirt that seems a bit off. Unless a man has a body like Tyson Beckford and is of…

The Gay Relationship

Robert Brown and Nathanael Gay posted their wedding nuptials on youtube for all the world to see. Of course it has garnered its share of negative comments. We are after all in a somewhat homophobic society. The battle rages on to allow gays the right to marry in every state and above all for the federal government to recognize it.

Last week I met a gay couple that had recently gotten married in New York, where their union is legal. We discussed the civil service ceremony and their small reception, as you would any other wedding. The first thing I noticed about them was how well they complimented one another.  They had been together for three years prior to marrying and it just seemed right.  I fully support the right for homosexuals to marry.  I have more of an issue with how lightly people take the institution of marriage.  Straight people make a mockery of marriage every single day. If two consenting adults of the same gender want the right to make their union legal, who am I to j…

Natural Hair and Beauty Expo

Last weekend I attended the Natural Hair and Beauty Expo at the the Double Tree Hilton in Orlando, FL.  It  was my first time attending, but hopefully wont' be the last. The room at the hotel was filled with sisters proudly wearing their hair in its natural state.  The black entrepreneurs hawking hair and beauty products, that you won't t find on the shelves of CVS or Target, were inspiring. Unequivocally I am a beauty product junkie. My new addiction is a Lemongrass Leave in Conditioner by Alikay Naturals which, I picked up a their booth at the expo.

Black women are unique in the fact that wearing our hair in the texture we were born with is considered making a statement. Changing our hair texture is fully embraced but choosing not to is still frowned upon in many circles.  If a white or Asian woman decides she does not want to alter her hair with a chemical or weave no one blinks an eye.  My natural hair journey started in 1996 when I decided to give up the perm forever.  A…

Love on the Rebound

So Rihanna and Chris Brown may be back together again after all. The focus for the next days will definitely be about  how a young woman could get back into a relationship with a man who physically assaulted her.  Domestic Violence is a serious issue.  The victims bear inner scars long after the outer scars heal. But my first thought when I read of the R&B couple reuniting was about the young lady who thought she was in a relationship with Brown. Was it wise for her to start dating a man who beat his last woman and, above all else, never got his ex out of his system.

Rebound is not so much the length of time that has passed since the previous relationship ended; but if you have gotten over that ex.  A person who knowingly gets involved with someone on the rebound has to be ready for the floor to fall from beneath them at anytime.  Unless you met and married your high school sweetheart chances are you were in a relationship with someone on the rebound.  Can you really get over an …


Being in a relationship is hard.  Opening yourself up to another person exposes all your vulnerabilities. We each bring our own individual baggage into our relationships. Some of us bring a small overnight bag and others a five piece luggage set.  But, it is not so much how you enter a relationship but what you do while you are in it.  It is best to just take a deep breath and reevaluate your approach.  Here is some inspiration I picked up along the way.

Remember not getting what you want is sometimes a stoke of luck

The best relationship is one where your love for each other is greater than your need for each other

If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it
Make peace with your past, so it won't screw up the present
You don't have to win every argument