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Recently a couple of correction officers, in a relationship, were embarrassed by the discovery of their sexual escapades on the male officer's cell phone.  At the Green Haven Correctional Facility COs are not allowed to bring cell phones into the prison.  The officer forgot his phone in his jacket and it was confiscated. He informed an official of the photos.  Well you know there are voyeuristic people who are driven by curiosity and cannot help but peer into a technological window.  There also are those who regress back to the seventh grade when it comes to sex.

Now of course if you don't take sexual photos or videos on your phone, laptop, or tablet then you never have to worry about your intimate moments being revealed to others. How realistic is that?  We have become creatures that record every moment of our lives and walk around with it in our pockets and purses.  I believe it is healthy for a couple to add visualization to their sexual repertoire, but you have to be sensib…