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Jungle Fever

I recall sitting in a New York City movie theatre watching Spike Lee's film Jungle Fever as a young woman back in the nineties. Back then you anticipated the opening of a new Spike Lee Joint with much excitement.  One of the most profound scenes is when Queen Latifah's character, a waitress, throws Wesley Snipe a ton of shade for bringing a white woman to the restaurant. At that time I never gave much thought to that type of relationship.  I was young and believed love should have no boundaries.

Well as the available "good" black men seemed to  dry up and the historical view of a black woman's lack of beauty reared its racist head, I grew to feel uncomfortable in the presence of these relationships. Ironically I have dated outside my race but I am still working on my issues with jungle fever or the swirl. I am a work in progress.  Here are five reasons why I believe a  black women should not be upset when they see a black man with a white woman.
1.He might be an…