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Last week we loss the comedian, civil rights activist, and nutritionist, Dick Gregory.  He was in his eighties and lived a meaningful life that touched millions.  I remember as a child sneaking and reading my father's paperback copy of Gregory's provocative work "Nigger, an Autobiography.  It was a straightforward reflective masterpiece that epitomized America. Until the end Gregory maintained the fire in his belly that governed over everything he shared with the masses. He didn't turn into one of those elderly men that lost their ability to challenge the establishment.

I say all this as I watch Jim Brown turn his back on Colin Kaepernick.  Brown a man that stood with Ali and other great athletes during the civil rights movement belittling Kaepernick for taking a stand on his beliefs;  a non-confrontational, personal stand that Colin took when he chose to sit or kneel during the national anthem.  He committed no crime.  Yet Brown who has a terrible history when it co…