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Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, Something In Common

There are very few times I have been saddened by the end of a celebrity's marriage.  The day I found out about Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's separation was one of those days.  The only other time I can recall that feeling coming over me was when Winnie and Nelson Mandela decided to go their separate ways.  There is something about a couple that goes through seemingly insurmountable challenges together.  You cheer for them when they come out of those trials and tribulations with the relationship still intact.  Yes Bobby and Whitney appeared to have a volatile and sometimes troubling union, but I cheered for them.   The love was there.  Despite whatever demons they both dealt with they produced a beautiful child, made good music together and met some challenges other relationships would have never survived.

In Whitney Houston's sudden passing I recall the end of one of Bobby Brown's stints in jail.  Who could forget Whitney running and jumping into his arms, unabashe…