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First I will start off by saying the Republican party ain't shit and NBC is pathetic.  I received this flyer from the New York Republican State Committee yesterday in my mail as NBC's infamous Access Hollywood tape is being played over and over again on the news. The salacious 2005 recording has garnered nonstop exposure as everyone listens in on Trump's secret "locker room banter" at the age of 59 or 60 with the annoying wannabe-pimp, Billy Bush. The Republicans are outraged that The Donald would talk about women in such a vulgar manner.  The standout comment being on the tape "grab 'em by the pussy," has them acting like they have only the word pussy used to describe an actual cat.  Meanwhile, the network that aired Trump's "Apprentice,"wants us to believe they miraculously found that, more than a decade old, tape a few days ago.

I am not naive and I know that some men/boys may explicitly talk about degrading women when they are out…