Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Gay Relationship

Robert Brown and Nathanael Gay posted their wedding nuptials on youtube for all the world to see. Of course it has garnered its share of negative comments. We are after all in a somewhat homophobic society. The battle rages on to allow gays the right to marry in every state and above all for the federal government to recognize it.

Last week I met a gay couple that had recently gotten married in New York, where their union is legal. We discussed the civil service ceremony and their small reception, as you would any other wedding. The first thing I noticed about them was how well they complimented one another.  They had been together for three years prior to marrying and it just seemed right.  I fully support the right for homosexuals to marry.  I have more of an issue with how lightly people take the institution of marriage.  Straight people make a mockery of marriage every single day. If two consenting adults of the same gender want the right to make their union legal, who am I to judge.

What struck me most about the newlyweds was how comfortable and nonchalant they were about their marriage.  It was not a political statement or a stand against the right.  They simply wanted to make a life together.  You cannot get more real than that.  Some view homosexuality as an abomination against mankind.  Two men or two women laying together does not keep me up at night.  I don't care who is fucking who when consenting adults are involved.  We are on this planet for a short time.  If you are lucky enough to find love and happiness in the arms of another, their gender, race or religion should not matter.

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