Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin, The Love of A Son.

The love one has for his or her own child is the purest and most unconditional love you will ever find.  Losing a child is unimaginable and will cause a lifetime of pain.  You can never fathom burying your own child; nor do you want to.  Your hope for them is that they enjoy a long and productive life of contentment. So when your child is killed by an ignorant and senseless act before their life can start, it can eat away at your very soul. I feel for Trayvon Martin's parents. They will not see him graduate, marry, or have his own children.  The kind of emotional pain inflicted on them will never ever be healed.  They just have to keep on and not let Trayvon's death be in vain.

I expected the not guilty verdict. Black boys have always been expendable in America from the times of slavery until today.  In New York I lived through the Yusuf Hawkins and Michael Griffith killings.  White people do not want their own locked up for killing a black boy, regardless of the circumstances. Although Trayvon's killer would be checked thoroughly if he was crossing the Mexican border.  I guess they adopted him.  Now if the tables were turned and it was Trayvon's killer who fell to his bullet, Trayvon would be looking at a sentence. I can almost guarantee it.

I am the mother of a son. The love I have him for him is like no other.  I have never loved another human being so unconditionally. I knew black mothers doted over their sons; but I could not understand that dynamic until I had a son myself.  I fear for my young son's life. I don't have the streets alone to worry about but the suburbs as well.  In the eyes of America my son's precious life is expendable and that saddens me deeply.


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