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Paul Walker

I know I started this blog to talk about black love but love really shouldn't be limited by race, gender, culture, or religion.  Love is just love.  I have been a fan of Paul Walker since I saw the first Fast and the Furious film over 12 years ago.  He was always that perfect surfer boy type that was so easy on the eyes.  I am saddened by his death but he will live on through his work.  We really have to do more than just survive, we must live; life is way to precious.


I am a huge music fan who strongly believes that  life requires a soundtrack.  My era was the late 80's throughout the 90's but I am constantly looking for new music.  I crave music that nourishes the soul and fits my every mood.  If you listen to the radio you can't miss hearing Drake, Rihanna or Two Chainz.  That is cool, but I am always searching for grown folks music.  One of my favorite music sites is where I get to hear musical artists that unfortunately don't get much radio play. I am so thankful I found these  following musical artists. They are going to be part of my soundtrack today as I give thanks for all the blessings I have.  Nothing expresses BlackLove like pure soulful music.

This one stays on repeat.
Love her smooth eclectic sound.
Daley's voice always amazes. Foreign Exchange can do no wrong.


It is very rare these days that I go to see a film that isn't G rated.  Since I became a mommy I can hardly find the time to see a grown-up movie; although I do make the time to see Denzel's flicks. 2 Guns was the last film I saw that did not involve talking animals.  In 1999 Best Man came on the scene before we got bombarded with the Tyler Perryesque movies.  It was funny, scandalous, and filled to the brim with fineness. Back then, (not that things improved much) it was not often that you saw black love on the big screen. The sequel is long overdue and I anticipate seeing how the characters develop.  With all that said, Morris Chestnut belongs on that big screen. He is truly like a fine wine and proves that men over 40 are ultra sexy. The film opens on Friday, November 15th, 2013.


Before there was Air Jordan or King James, Dr. J ruled B-Ball.  Julius Erving was the smooth ultra-cool NBA small forward with a wicked dunking ability.  Now the elder statesman of the game is about to drop a tell all book. The following is an excerpt in reference to a sports journalist he conceived his 32 year old daughter with:

"She becomes someone who helps me unwind if I'm feeling high-strung or stressed. I can drive over and spend a relaxing evening that might even include oral sex," Erving writes. "I can only remember one time that we actually intercourse and that was because she had just gotten this new orthodontia to straighten her teeth. With wire and gleaming metal bristling in her mouth, oral sex was not an option." 

Now I see why former NBA player Doug Christie's wife had a no contact with female journalists in the locker room rule. Dr. J. was married at the time and I guess everyone involved chose to keep the affair and the baby under wraps.  S…