Monday, December 20, 2010

Black Love Rules the Universe

This  blog is intended to be a celebration of Black love. A love that persists despite the trials and tribulations that Black people throughout the diaspora have endured.  It revolves around the ultimate love story, the one between a Black man and a Black woman.

What is love?  Well love is defined as a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection towards someone or something.  Black Love to me is the most intense and richest love that exists.  The love we have for family, friends and life itself is undeniable, especially based on our history on this continent and beyond.   Black love rules our universe and and at its center is the Black woman.  She is the foundation of every black relationship and the architect of how we give and receive love. Our very first experience is the purest love of them all, the love of a mother for her child.   So it is very important that Black women love themselves above all else.  Self worth and the way you feel about yourself influences every relationship that you have.  Imagine a strong Black woman arming her children with a love of self and a confidence that knows no boundaries.  The possibilities are endless.


Since some of the fucked-up world changes that occurred in 2017, I have not been inspired to write anything.  Until now.  Black Panther p...