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Players in the Pulpit

I am not a religious individual and  I just don't feel the need to attend Sunday sermons every week. I am definitely not opposed to religion or those that bathe themselves in it. I was deeply rooted in Catholicism as a child and it lasted until I decided to take my own spiritual path and limit my contact with organized religion. Now organized religion still intrigues me but I prefer to be on the outside looking in.

Recently Louisiana Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr. was shot and killed in the pulpit in front of his congregation. When the story first broke it seemed like a deranged man ran into the church and killed this God-fearing man.  When his daughter presented herself to the media it appeared to me that she was doing damage control.  I knew what would happen next; the sex scandal would follow.  Then like clockwork the rumors of the pious pastor and the gunman's wife, being caught up in sexual relationship, began to circulate.  Everyone in that church who witnessed the murder …

Natural Hair & Beauty Expo: Orlando, Florida

I made it to my second year at the 4th Annual Natural Hair & Beauty Expo in Orlando, Florida.
The event moved to a much bigger venue, The Orlando Convention Center.  There were seminars about hair, beauty, and self awareness, throughout the day.   There were over 50 booths selling art, natural hair, beauty and health products. The vendors were from all over Florida and if my pockets were deeper I would have grabbed a few more items.  I did gather their business cards and will support more of them in the near future.

I grabbed the Roots Trees and Flowers Tea Soap.  It has Jamaica Castor Oil and Burdock Root. The Dread Head Mane Puddin has a great aroma and does not leave any residue.  I have been using it to moisturize my hair and retwist my locs.

Rebirth is a great daily moisturizer, that is not greasy.  It is available at  I tested out several of their products and they have a great line.

Nappturally Chic Jere gave a great seminar on the L.O.C. Method.  Liquid, Oil, …