Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Size Always Matters

Mr Marcus
A new study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine has discovered that penis size does matter; at least when it comes to women who enjoy having vaginal orgasms. I would say that is quite a few women.  Psychologists at the University of Scotland asked 323 women  a series of questions about their sexual encounters. According to the study, women who have frequent vaginal orgasms attribute it to men who have larger penises.  These women claimed longer is better, but I have to throw girth in there.  A long thin penis is like stabbing your coochie with a pencil, in my opinion. Scottish psychologists determined that the average penis size is 5.8 inches. The women in the study said they were more likely to come if a man's penis was larger than average.

Now  this study does not seem like much of a revelation to me.  We can tip toe around it all we want; a man who is well endowed can do some damage, if he knows what he is doing.  Just throwing a big dick at a woman is not enough.  I find that the biggest stimulant when it comes to female orgasms is the brain.  If a man can stimulate a woman's mind and then throw down in the boudoir, there is an absolute chance she will come.  I am not going to lie when a man whips it out for the first time and he casts a healthy shadow, my arousal is on a high alert.

Fear not average and below average men, you can stimulate a woman as well.  Experimenting with new positions and clitoral stimulation is always a good approach.  Above all else foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. In the end it is the size of a man's desire to satisfy his woman that matters.

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