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Yesterday Charlie Sheen revealed on NBC's"Today Show" that he was diagnosed with HIV about four years ago.  Sheen was never secretive about his risque dalliances with prostitutes and porn actresses. He gained quite a reputation as a wild party man who indulged in life's excesses.   Despite his sexual appetite and personal choices it was still unsettling to hear.  A virus that can lead to a premature death is enough to make you uneasy. 
The Human Immunodeficiency Virus first made headlines in the eighties. Initially it appeared as a "gay man's" disease. We found out that HIV could lead to AIDS which compromised a person's immune system leaving them vulnerable to opportunistic illnesses such as cancer. I grew up in New York where an AIDS epidemic erupted and decimated certain groups. The fear of this monster caused many to speculate about how it could be transmitted.  We knew that sex and needles could pass the disease from one person to another. So…


I love Zombie movies. The fast pace and eminent danger the characters face is exhilarating. There is something about an apocalypse that would probably reveal what a human being is truly capable of.  Recently Black women have taken the forefront on the small screen when battling the undead. No characters represent a strong woman faced with fierce survival skills better than Michonne and Sasha from AMC's The Walking Dead and Warren from Z Nation on the SYFY network.  These sisters have miraculously survived the Black Horror Curse and have lived to see not only another episode, but another season. 
Michonne played by Dania Guiria on The Walking Dead is the baddest female or male you will ever see on the television screen.  When she wields her dual katana swords you know whatever is at the end of those blades is about to say goodbye from this world.   Sonequa Martin-Green plays Sasha the resilient stone-faced woman who will persevere by any means necessary. Over on the SYFY network K…

Marcy Borders

Marcy Borders emerged from the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, covered in dust.  She was a 28 year-old woman that had recently started a new job. She survived that tragic day but her life was forever marred by her experience like so many others. Many of us can remember precisely where we were the day thousands of people senselessly lost their precious lives. I remember the sense of despair I felt as I waited to hear if my cousin who worked in the Twin Towers was okay.  She had gotten to work late and fortunately never entered the buildings, but she lost co-workers. Ms. Borders famous image, captured by photographer Stan Honda, was seen around the world and garnered her the name, "Dust Lady".  Unfortunately Ms. Borders succumbed to stomach cancer on August 24th of this year at the tender age of 42.
When people survive tragedies we tend to romanticize it.  How glorious that they made it out of dire circumstances with their lives.  Our perceptions…


Rachel Dolezal, the president of the Spokane NAACP chapter, decided years ago she would assume the life of a black woman.  What led her to that is unclear at the moment.  Was it her divorce from a black man or did it start when her parents adopted black children? Could it be her time at Howard University or did she have a spiritual transformation after seeing a Beyonce concert? My heart says she has personality disorder but I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV.

I was flabbergasted when I first heard this story.  I love being a black woman but what white woman in her  right mind would want to be one in such a racist world? Dealing with a misogynistic society just wasn't enough of a challenge?  My mind is swirling with all the times white women decided, " I could be a sister".  This story definitely deserves to be adapted to film. So who would be cast to play Ms. Dolezal?

1.  Maybe Iggy Azalea could star in the movie, she is already doing a minstrel act disguised a…

Mosaic World

We do not live in a monolithic world.  Instead we exist in a realm of mosaic skin colors from the darkest ebony hue to the palest ivory colored skin.  The world is what it is and each and everyone of us has a preference of what we are attracted to.  My preference is a man that is physically attractive  and emotionally generous; stingy men need not apply.
These polls are probably flawed by the sheer limitation of the presumed demographic it surveyed. Of course, the sisters end up at the bottom of what is considered a desirable woman; and as usual our counterparts joining us in the basement of fire and desire, are Asian men.   Maybe Asian men and Black women should consider flipping the script and hooking up with one another more often.  Just a thought.  What flabbergasted me was that White women tumbled to third place.  What the hell is going on when Becky is not at the top of the dating food chain? 
Race was created by the European man.  Before he decided to divide and conquer the …


I probably watch way too many police television shows.  Law & Order and Cops have totally framed the way many view how a policeman should act.  It is foolish to base your reality on anything you see on the tube, but I am guilty as charged.  I assume that if a police officer pulls someone over for a busted tail light and the driver (with a passenger in the front seat) flees that he would call for back up.  Leaving the passenger in the vehicle, then turning your back to him to pursue the fleeing driver on foot seems stupid.  Then proceeding to gun down the driver like you are at target practice is outrageous. The fatal shooting of Walter Scott in that same scenario in North Carolina is tragic but unfortunately normal.   In the television world the cop would wait for back-up. During his subsequent pursuit he would yell Stop Police and then tackle the assailant. Everyone leaves the scene alive.

I grew up in the NYC so I know that people of color have the possibility of losing there l…


Recently a couple of correction officers, in a relationship, were embarrassed by the discovery of their sexual escapades on the male officer's cell phone.  At the Green Haven Correctional Facility COs are not allowed to bring cell phones into the prison.  The officer forgot his phone in his jacket and it was confiscated. He informed an official of the photos.  Well you know there are voyeuristic people who are driven by curiosity and cannot help but peer into a technological window.  There also are those who regress back to the seventh grade when it comes to sex.

Now of course if you don't take sexual photos or videos on your phone, laptop, or tablet then you never have to worry about your intimate moments being revealed to others. How realistic is that?  We have become creatures that record every moment of our lives and walk around with it in our pockets and purses.  I believe it is healthy for a couple to add visualization to their sexual repertoire, but you have to be sensib…