Thursday, October 4, 2012

Love on the Rebound

So Rihanna and Chris Brown may be back together again after all. The focus for the next days will definitely be about  how a young woman could get back into a relationship with a man who physically assaulted her.  Domestic Violence is a serious issue.  The victims bear inner scars long after the outer scars heal. But my first thought when I read of the R&B couple reuniting was about the young lady who thought she was in a relationship with Brown. Was it wise for her to start dating a man who beat his last woman and, above all else, never got his ex out of his system.

Rebound is not so much the length of time that has passed since the previous relationship ended; but if you have gotten over that ex.  A person who knowingly gets involved with someone on the rebound has to be ready for the floor to fall from beneath them at anytime.  Unless you met and married your high school sweetheart chances are you were in a relationship with someone on the rebound.  Can you really get over an ex you were deeply in love with? Can you get pass the pain if things ended abruptly?  You have to ask these questions before you jump into a rebound relationship. Finally, do you really want to be that rebound chick or rebound guy?

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