Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It has been a week since President Obama got reelected.  This win is much sweeter the second time around.    As a woman I am relieved that President Obama will remain in office. The extremists have lost some serious ground.  I don't know about anyone else, but my vagina smiled last Tuesday.  Here is why she is still purring.

1. The War on Women is real.   Two Republican politicians on their recent campaign trails spouted their ignorant views of "legitimate rape." These same candidates were endorsed by Mitt Romney and he continued to endorse them after their stupid comments.  Rape is a vile hateful act, there is nothing legitimate about it.  Fortunately both candidates, Mourdock of Indiana and Akins of Missouri, loss their bids for public office.

2. The Right to Choose. Abortion is a dreaded decision that a woman makes with a heavy heart, but it should be her choice. The threat to Roe vs Wade was hanging in the balance during this Presidential campaign.  There is a strong possibility President Obama will be appointing at least one new Supreme Court Justice.  So for the next four years a woman's right to choose is safe.

3. Romney's Binders full of Women.  Anyone that would use that description to answer a question about what he would do to remedy inequality of women in the workplace, scares me.  The statistics state that during his administration women holding senior positions, actually declined.

4.  Blunt Amendment.   Romney supports the Blunt Amendment which would allow any employer to opt out of coverage for birth control.  The bill thank goodness was killed on a 51 to 48 vote in the Senate.  The thought that my President would want to restrict what I use to prevent getting pregnant is way to invasive.  Obama's birth control policy allows women to have free access to contraception through their insurance. That includes the pill, IUDs, morning after pill, and implantable contraceptives.  The pill isn't just taken to prevent pregnancy many women take it to regulate their menstrual cycles. That is specifically for health reasons.  But that shouldn't matter, I just want these politicians to stay out of my vagina.

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