Saturday, November 17, 2012

Keeping it Sexy

Eartha Kitt the Queen of Sexy

When the General Petraeus sex scandal hit the news I thought to myself not another story where Americans obsess about a man in power cheating on his wife.  We have a history of paying way too much attention to the sexual indiscretions of our politicians.  Whether it is Bill Clinton's cigar episode, Anthony Weiners shirtless tweets or the General's decision to hump his biographer, a man's decision to step out on his wife has us transfixed.  I tried very hard to avoid the Petraeus story until I saw a photo of his wife, Holly Petraeus.  The focus has been on the women involved in this fiasco; those flirtatious seductive vixens that lured poor Mr. Petraeus into their vaginal webs.  I wouldn't be surprised if later on we find out they were in a well established sex club. Everyone involved is married and they appear to be swapping , there is more to this story.

The moment I saw the General's wife I thought she could be the double for Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams in drag. Others have compared her to George Washington and even Benjamin Franklin.   I am going to lose my NOW card for the following statement but I believe  Mrs. Petraeus did what a woman, married to a powerful man should never do, she gave up the sexy.  This is not to say he would not have cheated on her even if she looked like Helen Mirren.  I take that back no woman should give up her sexy, married or not.

There is a natural sultry vixen within all women. Some of us choose to have her on display 24/7, while others unleash her behind closed doors.  I saw earlier photos of a young Mrs. Petraeus.  She was a young exuberant woman standing beside her husband a West Point graduate and rising star.  We don't ever really know what goes on within a couple's relationship. A woman could decide she will allow her husband to put his dick anywhere he wants to, but that does not mean she should let herself go. For all I know,  Mrs. Petraeus may throw on a wonder woman costume and red thigh high stiletto boots when the sun goes down, so I am assuming  I know a woman should not be judged by her appearance but I think it is healthy to tap into your sexual being.  

I know too many women who for whatever reason give up on their appearance.  They disappear under the dull complexion and drab asexual clothing. That vixen is still in there waiting to be unleashed. Whether we like it or not a woman's sex appeal is one of the most powerful things in the universe. Here are some reasons a woman should never ever ever give up her sexy....

1.  For That Girl In The Mirror. When a woman gazes at her reflection and she is relatively pleased with her appearance you can see it in the way she walks.  It builds a certain confidence that is undeniable and infectious.

2.  For Your Man.  I know that a cheating man will cheat even if he has Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie at home, but what about the brother that doesn't step out.  Men are visual creatures you must keep that allure going to stay out of  a sexual rut. Your man is hard working, takes care of his children, and supports you.  If you look at that reflection and think, damn I am sexy.  He will too.

3.  Your Health.  Keeping your weight under control helps you live longer and stronger.  Combine that with spa treatments and occasional pampering and your mental health will flourish as well. Women take on so many roles that they deprive themselves and get lost in the shuffle.

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