Thursday, August 30, 2012

The List

 Yesterday I had a conversation with a recently divorced woman who was now getting back in the dating game.  She joined a dating site in the hopes of meeting an attractive professional man.  She asked me if I thought she should expand her selection to men she normally was not attracted to.  I told her I thought that would be a mistake. "Stay in your lane, and do not deviate".  Is that shallow?  No.  I truly believe when you reach a certain age and you are prepared to enter into a serious adult relationship, you should not deviate.  This morning she informed me she was meeting with someone she connected with online last night. They talked for hours.  For now he has many of the qualities she likes which scares her because he seems to good to be true.  Let's cross our fingers and hope it works out.

Years ago when my sister had lamented that she was tired of dating and wanted to find the "right one" for her, I convinced her to create a list of all the qualities she wanted in this man.  The list comprised of what she wanted; physically, emotionally and economically.  I made a list myself.  Several years later and She is engaged and preparing to marry the love of her life.  Did he have all the qualities she wanted? No, but he fulfilled the important ones.  She is physically attracted to him, they enjoy doing things together, and he treats her well.  What more can you ask for.  In my case I am still searching.  I think my list below is realistic:

Actor Don Franklin.  Damn he is F.I.N.E

1.  In Good Health.
2.   Handsome face.  Features that together create a look that is easy on the eyes.
3.  Height: 5’ 8” -- 6” 0”. 
4.  Race: Preferably black
5.  Good hygiene.  Smells, tastes, and looks good.
6.  Medium to large build ( not obese) 
7.  Penis:  average to large
8. Goatee.  Well groomed, facial hair is a plus.  But it is not a must just a preference. But damn every man looks better with a goatee.
9.  Hair (would be nice)well groomed and conservative.  A bald head is okay.
10.Nice teeth.


1.      Easy going personality.  Quiet person who does not act up or show himself in public.
2.      Not a cheap person.  Generous and not stingy
3.      Open minded and willing to try new things
4.      Good sense of humor. I enjoy a witty individual who has a keen eye for something funny.
5.      Good natured and not vindictive.
6.      Mature person
7.      Humble and modest.
8.      Willing to be there for me. Have my back.


1.      Willing to satisfy me sexually.
2.      Not in any possible way homosexual or bisexual or even remotely interested in being in that situation.
3.      Must be willing to travel
4.      Respectful of women and not violent or verbally abusive.
5.      Is employed and possesses an adequate education.
6.      Loves sports but is not obsessive. 
7.      Above all else, mentally sane, spiritual and god fearing.

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