Thursday, August 16, 2012

Five Myths About Black Love

Black Love has taken quite a beating in the media these past couple years. We are bombarded with all the statistics especially those targeting black women.  70% of black women are single, interracial dating is on the rise, it goes on and on.  Here are some myths about Black Love floating around that hold no merit.

1.   Black men fear marriage.  Not true.  Black men don't fear marriage they fear not being able to provide for a family.  If a man is secure with his financial situation, he starts to think about settling down with a mate and starting his own family. His manhood demands it.  The economy sucks right now and many brothers are struggling with not being able to provide as they see fit.

2.   Black women are too independent to want or even keep a man.  Yes black women are strong-willed and self-efficient but we have no problem with our man taking charge.  There is nothing more desirable than a self assured brother that has your back and  can hold things down. Most sisters yearn for that.

3. If a Black professional woman wants to marry she should consider going outside her race.  The absolute wrong reason to get involved in an interracial relationship is just so you can have a warm body beside you. There are eligible black men who are willing to commit.  Where to find them is the challenge, but it is well worth the leg work.

4.  A Black man cannot commit to just one woman.  Infidelity is part of our society as a whole.  Men cheat on their wives and women cheat on their significant others as well.  The black man is seen as a sex-craved being whose goal is to fuck as many women as he can. While some of our men are driven by their dicks, not all.  There are brothers out their that are willing to forsake all others for their woman.

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