Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mosaic World

We do not live in a monolithic world.  Instead we exist in a realm of mosaic skin colors from the darkest ebony hue to the palest ivory colored skin.  The world is what it is and each and everyone of us has a preference of what we are attracted to.  My preference is a man that is physically attractive  and emotionally generous; stingy men need not apply.

These polls are probably flawed by the sheer limitation of the presumed demographic it surveyed. Of course, the sisters end up at the bottom of what is considered a desirable woman; and as usual our counterparts joining us in the basement of fire and desire, are Asian men.   Maybe Asian men and Black women should consider flipping the script and hooking up with one another more often.  Just a thought.  What flabbergasted me was that White women tumbled to third place.  What the hell is going on when Becky is not at the top of the dating food chain? 

Race was created by the European man.  Before he decided to divide and conquer the entire world and claim it as his own, people were tribal.  The European man's obsession with race has infiltrated every society in the Universe, but there is still hope and it exists within each and everyone of us. The right to choose who you love without any judgement should prevail. Let's add another amendment to the dating constitution: the right to be secure in your choice of who you decide to date without being judged by that individual's race and what society dictates.  When we allow this amendment to be self evident all races in the world of dating will be equal.  Amen.

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