Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The young lady featured in the video above has filed a lawsuit against 2 Chainz for allowing this to air. She does look a bit thirsty but I really don't know if she is starstruck, a groupie, or seeking her 15 minutes. It might be all three.  She looks lovely and seems intelligent especially as she calls out her instagram.  Now in 2 Chainz's defense he may have had some run-ins with girls backstage and decided he was going to be proactive and document everything. Prevention is the best protection.  I can also look at him as being  a dick; because the young lady may just be a fan and lord knows he is lucky he has them.  He obviously should tighten up his security if he wants to keep certain people out. I am also certain his buddy was the one who let her in and decided to play dumb.

Social media has completely changed how we do things. It is a wonderful way to stay in touch with family, friends and the world.  I embrace social media and what it has to offer. Yet there are some things I have not been able to cosign with such as: online dating and posting every single bit of your life and every thought on sites like Twitter or Facebook.  The minute this woman realized she was being videotaped on a blog she should have hightailed it out of there.  The man had her do a twirl like she was up for bid at an auction.  Later on the embarrassment of being putting on display must have got to her if she felt the need to hire an attorney.  Does she have a case?  Only time will tell. Her desire to be seen on a blog and to get her instagram out there, clouded her judgment.  I guess the need to be seen is stronger than pride.

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