Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Kiss

I have been single more often than I have been in a relationship.  It is a combination of luck, not opening myself to new experiences and just not meeting the right person.  Now with my track record you would think I would give up on love, but I haven't.  Yes, there are those days when I think that  I may never find the perfect man.  Not a perfect man, but the perfect one for me.   I try to be open minded and not limit myself but I love the brothers.  There is nothing more satisfying to me than to see a black man and black woman in love and holding it down.  It gives me hope.  No one exemplifies that more for me than our President and the First Lady.  Barack and Michelle are powerful figures that have paved a path like no other.  I am still bathing in the glory of the President's astronomically historical win in 2008.  Contrary to Morgan Freeman's recent statement about President Obama being the first mixed President, he is straight up a 100% black man to me.  What I admire the most about President Obama was his choice of a mate.  It says a great deal about him.  Our First Lady is a strong intelligent vocal woman who is not afraid to tell you like it is.  It takes a strong man to say I want you by my side, not behind me or in a corner somewhere.

So it warmed my heart to see Mr. President plant one on his beautiful First Lady.  Rightfully they were hesitant at first when the awkward kiss cam focused on them during that basketball game.  They recovered quite nicely and showed the world that Black Love truly exists and will continue to persist.  You just know there is some good brown loving going down within the walls of the White House.

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