Saturday, June 21, 2014


Jeremy Meeks
The Stockton Police Department had a weapons bust and decided to post it on their Facebook page.  What they did not anticipate is all the attention one of their suspects, Jeremy Meeks would get.  His photo garnered over 38,000 likes. Apparently the world now knows that women do like eye candy.  Yes Mr. Meeks is handsome and I suppose it is his beautiful blue eyes and chiseled features that are getting all the attention.  The fact that he is a 30 year old convicted felon and gang member has not made him any less attractive to some.  I am sure for most, it is all fantasy.  Another young suspect, Terry Bailey, arrested that same day is no slouch in the looks department either.  I guess his brown eyes did not appeal to the masses.
Terry Bailey
The misconception is that women are exclusively attracted to things like money, status, or personality.  Men are visual creatures and mostly respond to a round booty, nice breasts and a smile. After all that is what drives the pornography industry. I do know that women are not immune to a man's good looks.  You may not want to invite Mr. Meeks over for dinner for fear he will in the least rob you.  But you are not opposed to fantasizing about him tonight with your battery operated boyfriend.  It really shouldn't be news that women are drawn to a handsome face wrapped in a bad boy image.

Magic Mike the male stripper film set in Tampa, Florida was a surprise hit that made over 167 million dollars at the worldwide box office.  The movie had a weak plot and even weaker dancing, with the exception of Channing Tatum's sultry moves. I watched the movie with a room full of excited females who left that theater satisfied. The women were excited to see extraordinarily attractive men barely clothed and  grinding on stage. There was no knight in shining armor or prince with a castle; just unadulterated sex appeal.  So you can admire the looks of a felon from afar and just keep it moving.  Looking but not touching never hurt anyone.


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