Sunday, September 9, 2012


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Ladies, B.O.B, Battery Operated Boyfriend, as Raheem Devaughn so delicately put it to music, should be in every woman's collection.  We are all sexual beings and suppressing our desires and urges is unnatural. Recently I attended a Passion Party for a fun and wicked educational night with some girlfriends.   Some of the ladies like myself, already had indulged in the pleasures of sex toys while others were straight up B.O.B virgins.  We had a blast, while tipsy of course, discussing all the possibilities these treasures could offer.

I could remember the first time I bravely walked into a sex shop.  I was alone and in my early twenties window shopping in the West Village.  I had passed that sex shop countless times, but that day I got the nerve to walk in.  This was pre-online shopping days, so I am showing my age.  It was overwhelming and I was amazed at the number of things people can use to get themselves and their partners off.  The swings, harnesses, whips, fuzzy handcuffs, etc.. had my head spinning.  I walked out with my first vibrator, a rabbit, and a set of naughty dice.  Twenty years later a woman can discretely go online to a website, peruse the catalog and make a purchase which arrives in a nondescript package in her mailbox.

Sex toys are a healthy way for a woman to explore her sexuality and explore what makes her kitty feel good.  Masturbation for too long has been a taboo subject, especially among black women. Blacks are exceptionally conservative as a group and as women; well we are caught up in the Madonna/whore syndrome.  Some of us think you can't be a good christian or member of society if you indulge in the pleasures of the flesh.  That is doing yourself an injustice.  I am not supporting deviant behavior but natural sexual exploration involving consenting adults.  A sex toy can truly help the relationship you are in. Think of all the possibilities involved in learning about each others bodies.  Our careers, family obligations and the day to day bull shit can take a toll on us allowing our sex lives to get monotonous. Trying out new gadgets, positions, and interesting places to get busy can enhance a relationship.  So gather some girlfriends throw a passion party for a fun night together.  You are never to old to learn.

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