Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Holiday Sex Part II

Recently I learned that prostitution is legal on the Dutch Caribbean Island, St. Maarten. The little Caribbean jewel was caught up in a salacious scandal involving accusations that the Minister of Justice was running a brothel. It is no surprise that the oldest profession has created a tourism industry that brings some well needed cash flow to some smaller economic nations. The question is, at what price?

I have mixed feelings about the institution of selling sex. Julia Robert's Pretty Woman character is not the norm.  I do feel that it is a consenting adult's prerogative to sell his or her ass for some cash; but the reality of prostitution is the brutal exploitation of young men, women and children by depraved pimps.  Sex trafficking is a vicious system that rivals only the Middle Passage.  Like any other despicable act, you will always find those who are willing to go above and beyond to support it.

We are in a world where people are going to continue to travel to fuck.   Here are some more tropical locations where some people are not just snorkeling or sipping rum punch on the beach.

Dutch Antilles.  Throughout most of the Caribbean the oldest profession is illegal but not on Dutch islands. The islands of the Dutch Antilles consist of six islands: St. Maarten,  Saba,  Sint Eustatius, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.  The two largest brothels in the Dutch speaking Caribbean are located in St. Maarten and Curacao.  Bonaire is also home to  legal whorehouses as well. Here predominately light skinned women from the Dominican Republic and Colombia are issued prostitution visas to work the sex industry.  The Dutch regulate prostitution and the sex workers are required to register and must submit to weekly STD check-ups.  These regulations are not enforced at the unlawful establishments where the New Age slave masters traffic in sex workers.

Hotel Del Ray.  The Del Ray is located in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica and is a well-known hub for sex tourism. The prostitutes can be found working the hotel from day to night.  As I mentioned in Holiday Sex Part I,  prostitution is legal in Costa Rica.  At Hotel Del Ray the working women are required to have a medical ID to enter the premises.

Jamaica.  Prostitution and weed are not legal in Jamaica. Despite that ganja is available for tourist as well as the ability to pay to screw.   Women, particularly of European descent, drive the demand for female sex tourism in the land of reggae.  Milk bottle is the slang term used for the Caucasian women that make that journey to Jamaica to rent a beach boy.   Black American women with money to spend are also indulging in sex tourism. Stella is not the only one who Got Her Groove Back.

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